Our children and grandchildren are the reason Lisa is running. They are not just our future, but our present too. From pre-K and nutrition to healthcare and education, we should be protecting children, not endangering them by stripping away resources through tax cuts for the wealthy and senseless partisan bickering. 


There is no issue more fundamental to our district than providing a quality education. From making pre-K more affordable through public investments, to strengthening our schools and finding new ways to invest in higher education, to reducing student loan debt - we must be a state that puts education and the future of our children and grandchildren first. 


Criminal Justice Reform

An issue close to Lisa’s heart is juvenile justice. There are too many instances where our youth need treatment, support and community based services instead of incarceration. Years of research and evidence-based guidelines have taught us that locking kids up, especially for nonviolent offenses and truancy only makes things worse.  Your State Senator should be fighting to keep kids out of jail instead of making life harder on people who are already struggling. We want to get them back on track - not support the school to prison pipeline. The adult criminal justice system needs a new approach, too. We need to prioritize expanding community-based treatment instead of expanding jails and prisons.


Lisa and her family are gun-owners and hunters. Lisa believes strongly in reforming our state’s gun laws to disarm abusers and violent criminals, require mandatory background checks, and take measures to prevent accidental injury or death to children. 


Veterans & Seniors 

Lisa stands with our veterans and will fight for them in the state legislature. Through her legal work, she has been deeply involved in some of the worst days many of our veterans face. She will fight for them to have access to better healthcare, including mental health services and addiction treatment, and provide resources for law enforcement who encounter veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. 


We are fighting for our seniors and the services that are threatened by the state government. Our elder Arkansans deserve dignity as they age. They have earned the right to healthcare and medical services without having to worry about how to pay those bills or get the medications they need.  They deserve reliable transportation and support services that allow them to access the resources they need, including healthcare, food, and safe housing.  It is disrespectful to our aging Arkansans to cut them off of vital services and isolate them just when they need these resources the most.  



We must protect the right to vote and the ease with which voters can safely and securely cast their ballots and know their vote counts. As legislators, we owe our citizens better than the assaults on democratic participation we have seen in the form of reducing voting hours and days, limiting access to polling locations and registration, and the false allegations of voter fraud that sow doubt in our democratic process.


Immigration & Diversity

We must strengthen our economy and secure our community by ensuring that all our residents feel safe and welcome in Northwest Arkansas. For our community, that means expanding resources to immigrants and dismantling laws that promote injustice and inequality. Lisa believes in the right of all NWA residents to pursue the American Dream. Arkansas should ensure all state services are accessible to residents of District 31. 



Working families are bearing the burden of paying for public resources while wages stay stagnant and the costs of housing, healthcare, education, and childcare soar. We must do more to offer tax relief to working-class families and ensure the wealthy are paying their fair share. We must close loopholes that allow corporations to avoid paying taxes while exploiting social welfare programs their workers rely on.