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I'm Lisa Parks, and I'm so excited to announce my candidacy for the Arkansas State Senate – District 7. This special election will be held February 8, 2022.


I'm a mother, a grandmother, and a child welfare attorney, and Washington County is my home. Our District 7 community is so special - we deserve an advocate who will put our children and grandchildren before everything else.

The status quo simply is not working in Little Rock. The last thing we need is one more apathetic politician who prioritizes the wealthy and stokes silly culture wars, while the families of Northwest Arkansas face difficulty.

I was a single mom when I put myself through law school. I know what it feels like to be a parent in challenging circumstances, and I know the fight to just stay afloat some days. In our beautifully diverse district, we need a fighter for families of all shapes and sizes. To me that means making it easier to find a great-paying job, and it means making childcare, elder care, healthcare, and higher education more affordable.


Family is everything in District 7, and that makes all this so simple:  We must look out for each other in this community – our families, our children, our aging parents and neighbors. That is what this campaign is about. 


I am asking you to join me.  Let’s talk about District 7 and the issues affecting families. Let's work hard together for the kids and families of District 7.